In 2017 SunFest West Palm Beach invited Educational Gallery Group to be a part of their Arts District. We were given a gallery tent to exhibit student artwork, as well as a kids art activity tent AND the opportunity to create an interactive installation for SunFest patrons! ​arts and culture

Our team decided to exhibit past CityPlace ArtWall prints in our gallery booth, honoring students from all over Palm Beach County during this high-traffic opportunity. At the kids activity tent we offered the chance for patrons to spray-dye fabric using an assortment of pre-cut shapes in order to demonstrate how to use negative space in art. For the  interactive installation our team built 3 self-standing triangular pillars to be painted by the public, entitled "The Paint-n-Peel Project". The panels were designed and taped out by Palm Beach County School District art teachers and then painted black to hide the art underneath. SunFest Patrons were then invited to come up and paint with us in order to cover the panels and at the end of each day the tape was peeled off by our volunteers to reveal images below! 

​Our Paint-n-Peel installation was a huge success and we look forward to re-creating this project in the future.

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