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The Steamroller Project is always an exciting event, usually held in the street in front of the Eg² Gallery, that garners a great deal of attention and media coverage. The Visual Arts department at Bak Middle School of the Arts, along with other middle and high schools from around Palm Beach County, partner with Eg² Gallery to produce this extremely fun and interactive experience. 

Steamroller events are usually scheduled in the fall or spring. This project encompasses all middle school grade levels, 6th through 8th grade, and includes high school students 9th through 12th grade. This event is a team effort from start to finish. The students not only learn how to print on a large scale, but also how to collaborate and work together on their massive wood plates and printing production throughout the day. High school take on the roll of being a mentor, working with teachers to facilitate and help our younger students ink and carry huge plates for printmaking during the event. In the past, faculty members carefully pick a theme related to our student’s academic studies, and students proceed to conduct research to use as a base for their artwork. Students design, draw and carve enormous plywood woodcut plates, some as large as four by eight feet!​

Future Steamroller Project Information and Dates TBA

If interested in participating, email Lindsey@egsquared.org

Steamroller Project

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