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Specialized Workshops

When: Friday, October 27 from 5-8pm or

Saturday, October 28 from 11am-2pm

Where: Palm Springs Leisure Services

Cost: $40, all supplies included

Get ready for Halloween with Eg2!

We will be offering a special BLOOD & GORE workshop for all of you wanting to learn how to re-create bruises, cuts, bullet wounds and more! This is an all ages workshop for anyone wanting to jumpstart their halloween weekend festivities. 

PO Box 7557  West Palm Beach, FL 33405 | Admin@egsquared.org 

Please use the button below to fill out our registration Form and Waiver (once complete it will be emailed to us and we will notify you as soon as it is received)

As part of our academy, Eg2 is offering a variety of specialized workshops throughout the year! Every workshop will vary in time, cost and supplies needed but ALL of them are going to be focused around fun, inventive projects and artistic processes. We are always looking for new teachers that specialize in certain fields, if you are interested please feel free to reach out to us at admin@egsquared.org with your qualifications. 

Special Effects Makeup

(All Ages) 

and pay via the PayPal button below or in person via check or credit/debit card.

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