Cost: $150 per class​

Time: Saturdays, 9-1pm

Dates: Nov. 4th, 18th and Dec. 9th

Middle School Prep, 4th - 7th grade
High School Prep, 7th - 10th grade

Email to schedule your Private Coaching Session this Fall!

Private Coaching

Mock Auditions

Cost: $200 for 5 classes
Wednesdays, 4-6 pm
October 18th - November 15

Middle School Prep,
4th - 7th grade
High School Prep, 7th - 10th grade

Audition Prep Series

Cost: $50 an hour

Dates: October - January

Times: ​Varied depending on schedule 

Audition Prep Course

Please inquire with us about our individual coaching opportunities. We have a variety of teachers with audition prep tutoring experience and a very high success rate when it comes to individual assessment. We currently specialize in Visual Arts and Theatre.   


Our Mock Auditions are great for students wanting to practice their time management in a structured audition setting. There will be light guidance before the Mock Audition starts and critique at the end. This is a great supplemental source for students before their audition!

Cost: $40.00 per class​

Dates: ​January 4th and 5th

Times: 10am-12pm, Middle School

​            12:30-2:30pm, High School

Scholarships are available on a need-by-need basis. If you are interested please contact  

For students looking for a one-day intensive prep class. This 4-hour course includes instruction of each aspect of the visual arts audition, a mock-audition and follow-up critique. 

​​​​Bringing Creativity to the Community

For students looking for an after-school course to prepare for the audition process. During this 5-class series students will be exploring the different aspects of the visual arts audition process, including a focus on time-management and skill-building techniques. 

Audition PrepIntensive

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